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From: Wayne E Baisley (
Date: Sat Sep 16 2000 - 07:53:53 PDT

Nice wordplay, Geege. I take it part of the challenge is finding the
website, too? is Seagull Data Mining, Inc, in Milwaukee. (Yes we
do have seagulls here, midcontinent -- there must have been 30 hanging
around one of the high school practice fields yesterday, waiting for a
clambake or something.)

The challenge is at And "... you
may earn *up to* $10,000." They're not offering money to crack their
website, apparently, though that shouldn't be hard, given their obvious
state of chaos. The next step in the challenge is to get past their lame
href="" relative link.

But the fun isn't over for the challenge-challenged yet. Once you get the
url right, you can read the very same notice (with a proper link back to
itself), followed by:

"The site is under construction. Please check back after
 September 15, 2000 for further information" Okay. And "you will have
until at least October 7, 2000 to do your best." Okay. Translation:
"We're in a hurry to do this right. (TM)"

In the left frame are two buttons to click. The <blank> selection gives:
"Review your chosen company name, slogan, and button names (Note: Your
 choices can be edited later using our online Website Manager tool). If you
 would like to make changes now, click the Previous button above."

Oh, boy! Another branding battleground! Lessee, I'll pick:
Free entertainment! (Send freewill offerings to FoRK, via CobraBoy)
$5 $10 $50 $100 $500 3% 97% Other

"Upon purchasing, you will be able to add your own text and images into
 each page of this website using the Website Manager. Best of all, the
 Website Manager requires no technical knowledge. Adding your information
 to this website is as easy as typing an e-mail."

No cracking needed. I hope they're better at digital media than web
design. I think. But, then again, maybe not.


This is a warning. Step away from the car. This car is protected by vipers.

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