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Date: Sat Sep 16 2000 - 06:26:31 PDT

FROM the week/the spin

Lee at Last

By Michael Brus

A music-industry group offered $10,000 to hack its site. The Secure
Digital Music Initiative, which is developing anti-piracy
technology for Internet audio and video files, promised $10,000 to
anyone who foils its security software before Oct. 7. The
association has 175 members, including Sony Music, Warner Music,
Compaq, Nielsen Media Research, Napster, and Microsoft. SDMI
chief's spin: I invented the MP3 download format, now I'm giving it
a lock so that music-makers can get paid for their work. Critics'
spin: This is a publicity stunt to get free consulting. And it's
not about bootlegging: SDMI wants to bar a legal customer's right
to fair use of his property.

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