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From: Adam Rifkin (
Date: Fri Sep 15 2000 - 20:45:52 PDT

Okay, Tony, you're on.

But you're gonna have to explain the dot at dot at dot at email address... :)
What the heck do you think this is, http colon slash slash slashdot dot org?

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> From: Tony Finch <>
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> suscribe
> Tony.
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> en oeccget g mtcaa f.a.n.finch
> v spdlkishrhtewe y
> eatp o v eiti i d.

By the way, FoRK lost two and gained two this week. We're balancing the
flow and harnessing our chi... sorry to lose the two though. I think
this week was a record breaker for traffic, so I totally understand.
We've earned a day of rest...


The 2000 Summer Olympics began here Friday night, in a city that can now kick back and watch the athletes following its own multi-year marathon of dodging cement mixers, road closures and security drills as the city geared itself up for the microscopic attention of 3.5 billion television watchers.


During a nearly hour-long procession of nations, a somewhat sheepish American software billionaire Bill Gates -- hidden in the stands somewhere -- was caught momentarily on the stadium's massive television screen waiving a flag for the U.S. team. The crowd roared in celebrity-welcoming approval.

Though Gates was cheering on his countrymen, he must have approved the way the Australians opened the Games with nary a glitch.

The best news out of Friday night was that all the toilets flushed, the power stayed on and the trains and buses ran on time.

--,1284,38791,00.html (This is reporting? :)

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