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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Fri Sep 15 2000 - 10:51:50 PDT

> Um, unless you know some in-depth theological secret I don't, I've *always*
> heard it as "love thy neighbor as thyself" not "as thy brother."

No doubt more broken CoC programming that I was brought up with. ;-) Of course the
former is what it says in most English xlations, but that doesn't stop CoC ---
hardcore fundamentalists and literalists that they are --- from just walking all
over it. :-)

> Like I said, "accept" in the sense of "endure/respect/agape love" -
> absolutely. Accept in the sense of 'condone' or 'conform', absolutely not.

Hmmm.. How is "endure" different from "conform?"

> > be a rational, intellectual choice. That's a pleasing notion, don't you
> > think?

Operative word being "rational." I've never believed love was a bad thing, just an
emotional thing.

> To your point of "minimal axioms" - I think I've found mine. "That humanbeings are
> capable of conscious moral choices, and the best one they can
> make is agape love."

That seems workable. Can I steal it? :-)


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