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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Thu Sep 14 2000 - 09:37:19 PDT

On Thu, 14 Sep 2000, Jeff Bone wrote:

--]Here's a thought experiement.
--]Assume: (a) You believe that the progression love -> marriage -> kids is "morally
--]superior" to the progression love -> cohabitation -> backpacking. (b) You're deeply in
--]love with a wonderful woman. (c) Let's stipulate that, following Tom Whore and others'
--]earlier comments, that "true love" is unconditional, which I take to mean inherently
--]tolerant, which in my book presupposes "nonjudgemental." (d) True love results in
--]wanting nothing but happiness for your loved one. (e) Your lover wants love ->
--]cohabitation -> backpacking, and believes that love -> marriage -> kids would lead to

My personal vewis...You cant foist your "moraly superior" methods on
others unless they truly belive they are within themsleves to follow.

Forced moral superiority is inferior by its very nature of having to be

You can debate, talk, converse, doscourse and discet but at the core of
this its about the individual gut feeling of whats right and wrong for

Now heres the deal. If my kids find a mate who they are happy with in a
non married state, shit ill be as happy as a clam SO long as they are true
to each other and if they have kids dont fuck the kid over. I would have
the some priviso if they do get married.

Love is the bond, marraige is a celebration of that love. Its not THE only
celebration of that love.

And hers the thing, if you are into a realationship with some one and its
tight, regardless of marriage, I think the responibilites are all still
there with or without the paperwork. Well the non legal stuff that is.And
even that has work arounds. So in the end its the commitment of two people
in love to share in each others lifes and be there for each other thats
the real kicker.

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