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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Wed Sep 13 2000 - 10:47:11 PDT

On Wed, 13 Sep 2000, Jeff Bone wrote:

--]> Negative -- there is a *huge* loss of freedom. If you're not prepared to
--]> forgo *all* travel, parties, public social life, and basic "hanging" with
--]> your single friends, don't do it!
--]There it is folks, the bottom line, from somebody who knows, clearly stated.
--]Every individual has to have some function with which to evaluate "lifetime of
--]hallmark moments" vs. "huge loss of freedom, forego *all* ..." Clearly, the
--]definition of that function is something that is intensely personal. But: you
--]guys that optimize on hallmark *realize* how weird that looks to the rest of
--]us, right? The argument is essentially "give up all freedom and become a
--]completely different person, in order to gain benefits we can't even really
--]describe to you well enough to justify that on the surface..."

Your jumping at ONE post like it is the final answer for the big proce on
that regis crap show. Dude, calla freind, take a life line....aer you sure
thats your final answer....because JT did not say the "loss of ALL
freedom" he pointed out several restive things that are outwieghed by
othe benifits.

With a 6 year old in tow we dont miss our sushi nights. We may cut down
during the preganacy due to health reasons and maybe for the first 6
months (well do take out..big fucking deal) but the place we go has kids
up the kazoo.

RESPONSIBILITY I think is the big scary monster your creeeped out about
JB. Having to known that your and your action could kill a life in your
care as easily as nuture it.

Yes you have to lay it on the line , you dont make an omleete with out
cracking open a catoon of EggSubstitute. You run the risk of utter

THese Hall mark Moments are not cheap flash pot mtv pop events either. IM
sure to the "rest of us" folks not knowing the real worth of a smile or
the gut wrench of a cry from a child must surely be lacking some great big
texas sozed part of what it is to be human.

Maybe thats the problem here. Most of us I think are talking about human
values and human qaulitys while I think JBs arguems or on the THE level.
Could we just be having a disagreement of apples and oranges?

tom "human to the bone" whore

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