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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Wed Sep 13 2000 - 13:03:22 PDT

> Ah, c'mon Jeff. I could apply the same nihilistic reductio

Aw, man, not the nihilism thing again. Mantra: I'm an optimist, not a
nihilist, I'm an optimist, not a nihilist....

> to your having
> any relationship, marital or otherwise.

That's perfectly true. And I've had some relationships where I can definitely
say the "just cats" option is absolutely superior.

> Need someone to talk to? -- get a therapist, they're better trained.
> Need someone with unbounded affection for you? -- get a dog.
> Need someone to take to parties? -- hire an escort.
> etc.

You're makin' a lot of sense, here.

> Pretty pointless, isn't it?

Point? What's that? ;-)

> Same with your one-note complaints about having
> children. You don't actually want to understand, you just want to be
> confirmed in the rightness of your choice. Being childless is a fine
> choice, but don't act like people with children have some kind of problem.

Hmm, I didn't intend to imply that. I think *good* parents should absolutely be
applauded, every person who conciously undertakes having a child and strives to
raise the child well is courageous and noble. Make no mistake: humor aside,
I'm in awe of anyone who decides (rather than just happens) to become a parent.
Doubly in awe of parents whose kids turn out to be anything but monsters. :-)

My "problem" is the social programming aspect of all of this, the memetic
aspects, the cult-like recruitment that is the norm, the judgements that adhere
to those who decide to break the mold.


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