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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Wed Sep 13 2000 - 11:12:06 PDT

Interestingly we had a design for similar called "Venue" on the table at one
point at Activerse; prototypes were server based but we looked at moving it
towards event notification / common engine with Ding!. I don't see MUDs
coming back *at all* except as gaming environments, and then you're looking
at Quake. The problem is that there's little perceived added value in the
navigational, situational, etc. aspects outside of VRs of gaming, *for most
people.* Hence the uberascendancy of buddy lists, the trumping of Tiny* by
IRC, etc. They just dispense with the noise and window dressing and get on
with what people really want out of RT network comm tools.


"S. Mike Dierken" wrote:

> Do you see MUDs coming back as a sample peer-to-peer application?
> Fully browser based, rich media, people sharing rooms marked up in XML?
> Mike

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