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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Wed Sep 13 2000 - 08:33:10 PDT

Tom Whore wrote:

> IRC used to be a great place to have real time discours, pic up chix, and
> trade in the knowing. As with all things time has lowered the
> expectations.

Before doing the buddy list thang, I was always a MUD guy. Tiny* rocked. I kind of lost interest in
MUDs per se when they eventually morphed from interesting virtual places into overly complex
underrealized chatrooms. (This happened around 1991.) Seems to me that IRC has always been kinda the
worst of both worlds: cryptic but powerful interface and room (well, channel) metaphor ala MUDs, but
without everything else aka the good stuff; way more nav / management overhead than buddy lists. But
damn, everybody uses irc.

Hey, anybody here in Societe Anonyme? (Tokyo Joe's stock trading for-pay irc channel?)


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