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From: Dave Winer (
Date: Mon Sep 11 2000 - 11:21:28 PDT

To really pull it off, imho, you need more than an HTTP server.

You need really good text editing, an outliner, and a content management
system, and lots of user-oriented stuff built on all that stuff.

Apache doesn't have anything for the "user experience" and doesn't run
particularly well on the popular end-user platforms.


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> >
> > > If only we had some sort of OpenSource project with a cross platform,
> > > standards compliant, install in 5 minutes, extensible kind of server.
> >
> > Not sure if you're being facetious, but that is the goal of the WorldOS
> > project - to be an Apache for p2p. See
> >
> > - Lucas
> Why can't Apache be the Apache for p2p?
> MikeD

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