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From: Dave Long (
Date: Wed Oct 18 2000 - 11:15:30 PDT

> No, that is just the universe measured by Media Metrix. 500 MM is closer
> to the actual count, about half of which are in the USA.

If there are 250M surfers in the USA out of 276M population,
which 10% don't surf? Those under 5 or over 80?

According to: <>
there are 116M "internet users", but as only 80% of them
regularly use email (which, judging from my local library,
is a large component of browser use) and only 60% of them
regularly search for information, I'm not sure how many
count as web surfers.

We could be generous and guess 100M, so 200M worldwide?
(of 6.1B)

> ... Then the buyer
> sells phone calls to her phone-less neighbors for a small profit. It's
> no recipe for riches, but it's a better business model than half the
> dot-coms out there.

It's also not a business model that would change too much
if we substituted "rototiller" (or even "oxen") for "cell
phone". Dan's plan at least is an actual application of
technology, digital or otherwise.


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