RE: [SPAM] Re: Surfree

Mike Masnick (
Wed, 03 Jun 1998 01:17:15 -0400

At 08:26 PM 6/2/98 -0700, CobraBoy wrote:
>So whatever you do spam, until Uncle Sam makes it a $250,000 or 5 years in
>jail crime isn't going to stop. However, my feelings about the mailing list
>is to password protect for members only the archive. I personally am tired
>of getting idiots sending me mail about something that I might have posted
>two years ago.

Since we've gone public on this... I agree wholeheartedly. I'm on another
list that works this way, and it works great. They're using majordomo for
the list software, which I believe has some general anti-spam features you
can set. Then the archives are password protected. If people want to look
at the archives that badly, let them ask you for a password.