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>Oh, and Tim: I am aware that Israel has had "the bomb" for some time now, but
>they have never tested... they are not one of the big "5" even though it is
>common knowledge that they have the technology. So, as per your advise to me
>in an e-mail dated April 8th/98 in which you gave me pointers on how to handle
>myself on FoRK when I get flamed or otherwise insulted, I say:
>"Tim, you're a piece of trash! And if you bother me again I'll kick your ass,
>and there ain't a damn thing you can do about it! And that's the
>bottom line because I said so"
>Janie 3:16

Oh my. First a mark and now a face.

Janie, I don't think that was a flame or insult. Let me give you an
example. No offense should be taken these are provided as examples. :-)




Where the fuck have you been for the past 20 years? In a coma somewhere?
Anyone that has half a brain knows Israel has a bomb.

Oh I'm sorry, I was referencing that to a average IQ of 120, which would
put half a brain at 60. Double what you have. Please forgive....



Perhaps if you took your fat ass out from in front of the computer for
awhile and went into the real world you would have learned that Israel has
had a bomb for 20 something years. I know hanging out on IRC # submission
waiting for the latest orders from your "Dom" is time consuming, but really
you should make some sort of effort to put the bob-bon's down and get out a
little more.


p.s. I went to and you're right it is a pretty
well designed site.


Are we clear on the difference?

Give me a hell yes.



Go sell crazy somewhere else, we're full up here. ...Nicholson

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