RE: Composer Webern was Double Agent for Nazis (fwd)

Joe Barrera (
Fri, 22 May 1998 18:59:12 -0700


Serial composition dates from the early 20's. The Nazis weren't elected
until 1930, and Hitler didn't take power until 1933.

Webern was shot by a US Soldier at the end of the war. Schoenberg fled
Germany when the Nazis took power, and moved to LA in 1934.

Oh, and Vienna (Austria) wasn't even "anschlussed" into Germany until 1938.
Webern, Berg and Schoenberg were Viennese, not German.

And... Webern's music is incredibly beautiful. You can (and should) buy his
*complete* works on one double CD. (He wrote short pieces and he was killed

- Joe

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