Re: Composer Webern was Double Agent for Nazis (fwd)

michael stutz (
Fri, 22 May 1998 21:40:24 -0400

To me, the interesting part of these net-myths are:

- Who wrote them -- one guy alone or was it collaborated? Will the
Cult of the Dead Cow take responsibility for this one if it gets
any bigger, like they did with Good Times? (And did they really
write Good Times? I don't think I'll get the truth of that one
out of Deth Veggie any time soon.)

- What were the mechanics of dissemination -- did they post to a list,
netnews, spam it etc.; how many copies did they have to send out
for it to become a virus?

I'd love to see a chart tracing it from its point of origin outward.
Good Times would be another great one -- could you construct a chart
like this out of news and mail headers? Maybe the folks at Matrix
could make one of these, they still around? What do they do there,

> Composer Webern was Double Agent for Nazis
> By Heinrich Kincaid