Re: [RRE] First complete P3P Working Draft out.

Sally Khudairi (
Wed, 20 May 1998 19:06:40 -0400

Hey Adam!

Thanks so much for the kudos. Just lifted my sleepless drooling head off my
keyboard and saw your note. Glad you like our work [special thanks to Joseph
Reagle for enduring countless meltdowns on my end] :-)

On a related note, Rohit suggested that I add the FoRKlist to my W3C News
list. Any interest/objections before I do so?

- Sal'

I Find Karma wrote:
> The official press release for P3P looks really good. Kudos to the W3C,
> especially the marketing department. :)
> I especially like the quote from AlGore:
> > "I welcome this important new tool for privacy protection. It
> > will empower individuals to maintain control over their personal
> > information while using the World Wide Web."
> > -- Al Gore, Vice President, United States States of America.
> The full forward follows; my apologies to the W3C members who have
> already seen this today...
> -- Adam