Re: [VOID] Re: Vanity FAQs

Roy T. Fielding (
Wed, 20 May 1998 15:17:02 -0700

>ObTV: Was Sunday's X-Files the last one (except for the impending movie,
>of course)? Seemed awfully like it... Also (though I'm ashamed to
>admit it), I watch Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. Seemed awfully like the
>last one of those too, didn't it?

No need to be ashamed -- I think it's the best show on commercial TV
right now. Great acting, bizarre plot twists (that actually make sense
with the overall story), and highly amusing dialogue. I just wish they'd
show the damn things in order (it is a soap opera, after all) and stop
interleaving them with reruns.

This finale did go wild with the "and now its over" theme -- maybe they
are anticipating contract problems. OTOH, only one of the main characters
was killed-off, so it could be just a prelude to a new story line next
season -- how many high school jokes can a show make and still be fresh
after two years?