Re: [VOID] Re: Vanity FAQs

Ron Resnick (
Wed, 20 May 1998 08:54:21 -0400

John M. Klassa wrote:
> I wonder if ol' Andy uses MINIX full-time.

In Andy's words:

> What computers do you use?
> At the VU on my desk I have an UltraSPARC workstation.
> My research group has a cluster computer called
> DAS consisting of 64 200-MHz Pentium Pros each containing 64 MB of
> RAM and a 2.56 Gbps Myrinet
> network interface. This cluster is connected to clusters at
> three other Dutch universities by an ATM network, and
> is used for research in distributed and parallel computing. However,
> I do all my writing at home on a cheap local
> Pentium clone.
> What OS do you run?
> I run MINIX on the Pentium. It is small and fast. I like speed
> and dislike features. Features (e.g., window
> systems) slow things down.

So it would seem he runs Solaris (or SunOS) at work, MINIX at home, and
his research group (presumbably) runs NT (gasp) on its
snazzy PPro cluster. I say presumably because he claims never
to have run Linux, so what else are they likely to run
on the cluster?

Do we dare send him email to ask him ;-) ?