Re: Common carriers Re: A letter to Joe

John Boyer (
Mon, 18 May 1998 17:23:19 -0500

At 02:07 PM 5/18/98 -0500, the other jb wrote:
>> What do you believe are the *minimum* concessions
>Glad you asked. These are what I see as the initial *minimum*
>(1) Unbundle the browser *user interface* immediately and forever.
>(2) Require Microsoft to *facilitate* OEM customization such as boot
>and desktop screens.
>(3) Require Microsoft to allow OEM customers to *suppress* all MS
>branding if desired.
>(4) Define "operating system" and prohibit mandatory bundling of MS
>non-OS and OS products.
>(5) Require Microsoft to immediately halt its tying and exclusionary
>licensing practices.
>(6) Separate Microsoft into 3 companies: OS, applications, and content
>/ services.
>(7) Enforce strict "Chinese Wall" between MS operating companies thus

Hmm, in my opinion, this is just complete bullshit. No offense Jeff, but
you and nearly everybody else has gotten caught up in this pig pile cluster
dork of Microsoft. Sure they've been jerks from time to time, well I say
*so what*.
I think that the idea of the federal government going after MS has about as
much merit as states suing Big Tobacco. It's just a big money and power
grab. Period.

97% of the people whining about MS have one or more of the following traits:
1) They are mad because not everybody loves Macs; [in spite of the fact
that their software and hardware have been traditionally overpriced, now
whose fault is that?]

2) They are mad because not everybody loves UNIX; [Face it, UNIX is great
for tecknickel folks, but will never catch on with the great unwashed masses]

3) They don't know shit about computers, but they HAVE heard of
Microsoft.[Why?: because MS has been successful, geez they must be doing
something wrong!, ref. Janet Reno]

4) Bill Gates invokes good old-fashioned class envy. [A long time staple of
the left, class envy has become entrenched in our national mind set.]

5) They forget the fact that nobody Forces anyone to buy anything. [ You
are confusing the concept known as a free-market with the fact that MS has
no threatening competition at the moment. People buy MS products because
they get the job done at a reasonable price.]

With all that off my chest, let me say that I would Love for
Apple/Sun/Linux/Acme to just kick ass with some great product offerings.
But if MS market share gets brought down in any other way, all computer
users will suffer from the lack of achievement based on
technical/commercial merit.


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