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Lisa Dusseault (lisadu@exchange.microsoft.com)
Mon, 18 May 1998 09:19:07 -0700

This is hilarious. People's reactions to XML seem so oddly polarized! Why
is that so?


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I must say: I have changed my mind. This seems to be a favorite pastime
of this group, and I would like to share my thoughts on XML and event

I once thought that status information should be sent to the user in a
manner different than instant messages.
I thought that we couldn't look at IM and presence in the same way.

I love XML.

I've heard people say that their beeper shouldn't have an XML parser in
it. I went looking for more information about XML, and found that there
are fully-functional XML parsers/processors with source code of about
43KB. This is not asking much from a pager.

I say we make a standard DTD for presence updates (to be read by the
client software), and a standard DTD for instant messages (to be read by
the user). Essentially, that would be the only difference between
Presence and Instant messages. Then, if someone decides to write
software do something else that is remarkable, this protocol would be
flexible enough to handle expansion.

We MUST have XML in the standard (to transport presence information and
instant messages, or whatever comes along in the future).

With XML, existing Presence/Instant Messaging vendors can easily make
the shift to RVP.

Oh, and by the way, I think the name "Rendezvous Protocol" should be
changed to "Instant Notification Protocol" since people might find other
uses for this protocol than sending instant messages (like ISPs being
notified of usage, etc.)

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