1/4 mile speeds

CobraBoy (tbyars@earthlink.net)
Mon, 18 May 1998 08:48:15 -0700

> Amato, from Exeter, Pa., earned his second Top Fuel victory in a row and
>fifth at this
> event in a high-powered final round match-up against Winston points
>leader Cory
> McClenathan. Amato ran 4.614 seconds at 319.90 mph in his Tenneco Automotive
> dragster, while McClenathan was just a tick slower at 4.660 at 314.39.
> AMATO ALSO INCREASED the national speed record in Top Fuel to 323.50
> mph during a quarterfinal win over Doug Kalitta.
> Force, of Yorba Linda, Calif., was impressive in scoring his first Funny
>Car victory
> of the season. Force covered the quarter-mile in 4.845 at 323.89 in his
>Castrol GTX
> Ford Mustang to defeat Jim Epler, who slowed to an 11.796 at 77.33 in
>his EasyCare
> Dodge Avenger. Force's national speed record was also the fastest in
>NHRA history.

So now a funny car hold the speed record over a top fueler? Those guy are
going freaky fast.

I remember reading a few years ago then 5 seconds was broken someone had
done research about acceleration, tire size, etc. and as I remember they
came up with something like 3.5 seconds being the absolute physical limit a
self propelled body could accelerate from a standing start and cover the
1/4 mile.


When spotted doing 140 mph on the 101, I have Ford Motor Company Special
Vehicle Team's 17" disc brakes and ABS to thank for allowing me to get
off the frwy and ditch the cop.

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