airline timing -- comments solicited

John M. Klassa (
Thu, 14 May 1998 09:43:06 -0400

Since y'all are a bunch o' worldly, travelin' people, I figured who
better to answer this question for me.

I'm going to a wedding somewhere around the Austin/San-Antonio area
of Texas. The guy who's getting married won (on the radio) some free
travel vouchers on SouthWest Airlines. They're not in his name, so he
gave me a couple to use, to get myself out to his wedding.

Now, SouthWest doesn't fly in/out of the Carolinas, so I'm forced to fly
someplace else first, then use the vouchers from there. My checking so
far has lead me to believe that I'll save about half on the airfare this
way (about $150 vs. $300+).

Anyway, one of the options is to fly from RDU (Raleigh/Durham, NC) to
Nashville, TN. There's an American flight at arrives at 8:20am and a
SouthWest flight that departs for Austin at 8:45am. That's a 25-minute

My questions... How big is the Nashville airport? Is 25 minutes enough
time to get from wherever the American flight is apt to dock over to
wherever the SouthWest flight is apt to depart? The alternative is a
five-hour layover in Nashville (which doesn't thrill me, especially given
that I don't have a laptop to amuse myself with).

I'll be traveling with just a carry-on (no checked baggage).


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