[VOID] Movie night

Khare (rohit@uci.edu)
Wed, 13 May 1998 01:37:03 -0700

I decided today I was going to enjoy the evening for once: there isn't
anything raining down on my head for once. I napped, I talked to Sal and
got beaten up over beating myself up for an hour or two, and chatted up an
honest-to-goodness Saturday night date in Santa Monica for another one.

After a Sienfeld rerun, I decided I needed even more entertainment over
facing up to my 1,900 unread messages, so I headed to the Irvine Spectrum
21 for a movie buffet. In fact, I was severely deprived of choices, since
they dedicated almost HALF of their capacity to Deep Impact alone -- an
execrably bad film. Instead I saw:

Woo: This actually got my $7 in the official statistics, with the four
other people who saw it. I had a blast, though. It's the tale of an epic
blind date between a straightlaced law school grad and a very, very hot,
very smart, very well-connected party girl (played by Jada Pinkett Smith).
It's a true VOIDpost of a screenplay, hopping from disaster to disaster and
club to club, cafe to cafe, police precinct to police precinct. A
*definite* rental recommendation (it doesn't have any redeeming features
demanding theater reproduction). Of course, it ends up well when the
well-meaning straight wins her wild heart in the end.

Sliding Doors: I caught the last half hour of this English yuppie tragedy
of manners: a pair of philanderers and their wives and mistresses and lots
and lots of stupid telephone tricks. I've never seen a movie with so many
cuts announced by phone rings. Kind of blah except for Gweneth Paltrow,
stunning as always.

He Got Game: Tonight was a Black Urban market night, I suppose. It's got
some great cinematography, but the plot's thin and predictable and
moralizing, like any Spike Lee joint. Kind of recommended; a reasonable

Ended up at Sid's to finish writing. Shocker: Gary's leaving! (He's the
Manager) His last day is Wednesday, party at the Harp on Thursday :-( On
the up side, he's planning on launching his own place.