Re: Microsoft HotMail"

Steve Nordquist (
Tue, 12 May 1998 06:49:49 -0500

> >The software giant [Microsoft] has attempted to exchange the
> >Sun/Solaris infrastructure of Hotmail with NT since buying it in
> >December 1997. However, the demands of supporting 10 million users
> >reportedly proved too great for NT, and Solaris was reinstated.
> >
> >In a leaked report, [...] "NT couldn't handle it. [...] The
> >engineering team did its best to run NT - and failed"

The software dust mite [I] still can't figure out how supporting mac
networking would take 200MB on a server. If you have a
cluster of 8 NT machines, would it then be 25MB per machine,
the amount I could possibly fill in 2 years of Known Sloppy
programming, or...? Did they train it on neural networks and
find it hard to cull nodes?

I'd like to see the server maintenance page:

Support Apple Networking? NO!> [ ] <-Final Option arm [ ]