Re: TBTF for 5/11/98: Lizard lips

Robert Harley (
Tue, 12 May 1998 10:43:46 +0200 (MET DST)

> Wine broker Bordeaux Index has spent a fortune making sure
> its computers can handle the Millennium bug. [...]
> Chateau Margaux 1900 [...]
> No matter how hard they tried, the computer kept
> changing the description to Ch. Margaux 2000.

You know, for about a year I've been watching out for a mention of a
Y2K bug with actual name, date, time, place. The stuff that
distinguishes reality from urban legend.

I've heard of high-falutin' consultants who are "working on it"
(e.g. the father of a kid in my Mom's class). But this is the first
time I've seen an actual verifiable bug description and it's a bug
introduced by trying to fix the Y2K bug!

We were supposed to be waist deep in crap years ago and neck deep by
now due to credit cards expiring in 9/99 and stuff like that (my Dad
has had such a card for months with no problems whatsoever).

SAP is making money hand over fist over the Y2K issue... A few months
ago their Web pages had a report which included a list of "critical
dates" at which various amounts of shit would hit various fans. I was
amused to note that several of the dates had already passed with zero
problems. They seem to have removed the report now.

The most believable Y2K bug report so far (as opposed to K2Y) is an
estimate that 10% of mobile readers for "cartes a` puce" (cash cards
with chips on) currently in use in France are not be able to read
cards that expire in 2000. I've never actually heard of an failure
incident though.