Re: [A-VOID] DoRK Femographics (was: Ego surfing supreme)

David Crook (
Fri, 08 May 1998 10:54:41 -0700

Jay Thomas wrote:
> Happy Birthday :) Also on your shared birthday (I'm sure Freud will be
> pleased to know), in 1993, Walt Disney was revealed to have been an
> FBI agent. Wonder if he & J.Edgar had dress up parties together? And
> to dispel an urban myth, Uncle Walt wasn't frozen, he was cremated in

No, Walt was frozen. His preserved body was kept in a special chamber
underneath the fantasyland castle at Disneyland. A couple of years back
it was moved a couple of miles to the Arrowhead Pond auditorium. Since
the place is used for much of the year as a hockey rink, it easier to
explain the constant purchases of liquid nitrogen and similar materials
as simply being for "ice upkeep". Disney Imagineers are simply waiting
for the right time to reanimate their fallen leader to resume his
conquest of earth.

Its true, I read it on the internet.


David Crook
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