[A-VOID] DoRK Femographics (was: Ego surfing supreme)

I'm not a real doofus, but I play one at a national laboratory. (BAISLEY@fndcd.fnal.gov)
Fri, 8 May 1998 11:07:45 -0500

> This probably says something deep and meaningful about <your name here> ...

Nah. Of the *4* matches for my name from Webcrawler, Adam owns 3 (nearly 97%):

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> 60% Adam Rifkin -- Links to People I Know
> 60% Adam Rifkin -- Links to People I Know
> 56% FoRK Archive: Re: Adam Rifkin Egosurfing on a Friday night.
> 31% Frequently Asked Questions about FoRK

> Try this search on Excite.

I pride myself on being the only relatively non-famous FoRKist to have called
Rohit a marketer to his face exclusively in the privacy of my own head, which I
share with Gruntvor the Barbarian, Barfo the magnetic dog, Sonny the Cuckoo
Bird, Schwanda the Bagpiper, Pizza the Hut, Singood the Sailorwoman, OshKosh the
OshVorlon, Meredith the Meringuist, Moron the Virtual Chicken, Robert Harley the
Earl Of Oxford, Goldilox and the Three Bagels, and the Imminent Death of the Net
(TM) (all the way from Indus to the pole).

A Canadian highschool Latin class has a link to my Pig Latinisms page:

> I have a McDonalds coffee cup that John Linnell (TMBG) drank out of.

Wow! I don't even have one he didn't drink out of.

I turned 45 (9/20's of a century, Ernie points out) Wednesday, so I'm slowing to
a crawl. I barely have time to think anymore (although, I do have some lovely
conversations with so much company), nor even keep up with half of the recent
FoRKposts, but that may be due to the frenetic pace of work, of late. We're
trying to figure out how to handle a Petabyte of physics data during the next
collider run. So we need a tape robot to store that much data (that's a million
Gigabytes), plus about 50 Terabytes of disk space, plus about 400,000 MIPs of
CPU. But that's nothing compared to the meetings a project like this spawns.

Was I really the 10th person to join FoRK!?

> Do I qualify?


I got Starship Titanic http://www.starshiptitanic.com/ for my BD, so I'm not
getting any sleep, either. Robespierre, Freud, Adm. Peary, Orson Welles, and
Willie Mays were also born on May 6th, and aren't getting any sleep either.

... Deep breath ...

Okay, rambling's over, gotta get back to work or something. I'd hoped to do
something more interesting a while back with the Spoonerism in the subject line,
with witty but profound observations about women in geeky places, but just
haven't had time. I didn't want it to get forgotten, though, so there it is,
FoRKed For All Time (SM).

Wayne the Nothingth

You got the ax scent on the wrong silly bull.