Re: Debate [RE: Anniversary motto]

Steve Nordquist (
Fri, 08 May 1998 00:00:22 -0500

spunkanado wrote:

> .....pitched charleton Heston voice (FIATH IS MADE FROM PEOPLE PEOOEOEOPLE

"No -really- honey, Jackie Gleason's in my Cellphone!"Ah, the aevular, aspiral
god. This is where I suggest that all good egos
rent "Tenchi Muyou!" (Original OAV series, animated, Pioneer,
1996, OAV 25.) See it on the biggest screen you can; you should
be seeing a farily good, artsy trip to see god, god, and God
(the 'usual' chain of introductions, but better.) If you get the
proximal episodes, you should see a 'final showdown' with a guy
with God's beard and Armani's hairdresser.

> Faith comes mostly from the actions and the expecations around me.

Move on Vivid.

> ...
> What is the capacity for faith?

I think it's an unsigned integer...

> ...I think of the torah as the Golds Gym of faith.

Their family plan is better; all existence is crap, but leading peopleto
perfection through existence is holy work. The Torah (no anagrams
allowed is one of its maxims! Clever souls!) permits reccomendations
for it, and a procedure. Who heard of that?

> There is a disturbing, to me at least, reliance on blind faith.

Well, beer rarely ever goes rancid enough that it crawls out of thecan and
eats your head.


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