Re: iMac

Steve Nordquist (
Wed, 06 May 1998 22:16:52 -0500

CobraBoy wrote:

> Gregory Alan Bolcer sometime around 12:08 PM -0700 on 5/6/98, provided this:
> > Why would somebody want a build in 15" monitor??
> A number of reasons.

Okay, why did Jobs fail to exercise his 'Either 16.5" plus or a command line'
...why does it look like a Gremlin with a bigger windshield, but scaled down?
...why do I hear the trance from the Volkswagon ad when I see the Apple ad?
...isn't it packaged with a cigarette-lighter converter,
so you can use it in a new VW with a ricochet modem? it true he took the corners off to sell to the Arab markets?
...if so, why not go the extra mile for peace and make it not silver,
but copper in favor of having kosher utensils? (You couldn't use
it as a service utensil, but there you go.)
...Since it appears to be the size of a lunchbox, is it therefore good
for warming food, an application often relegated to actual
good old Sun 21" monitors?
...if it's really for such a tough market, why no pads? Are Bronx
people expected to wrap phylacteries onto it?
...why does it remind me of a pool toy I never made, because the
green monitor looked really stupid and gave off a glare and
the irridescent plastic didn't stay that way in the sun, much less
floating in a chlorinated pool?