Re: FoRK Crimebusters

David Crook (
Wed, 06 May 1998 20:16:01 -0700

John Boyer wrote:
> Hey gang,
> On a serious note now. I humbly ask assistance from the FoRK mass of
> knowledge and creative ideas.
> Someone is trying stealing my sister's identity. Her financial identity
> anyway.
> Janet is an unmarried professional who lives in Memphis. She recently
> applied for a few jobs, some in Atlanta. Now she is getting calls from
> credit card companies wanting to verify credit information for this and
> that new account.
> Turns out that somebody in Deluth GA (a suburb of Atlanta) is using her
> info to try to get any kind of credit they can. So far they have only been
> successful in getting a cell phone. Since she works for GE, and GE's new
> Plastics division headquarters is in Deluth GA, we think somebody got her
> info from the GE personnel database.
> We have the address that the person is using. It's an apartment complex.
> Janet called pretending to rent that particular unit and was told that it
> was occupied. Later, she called back and told them what was going on. They
> got real nervous and refused to cooperate.
> The real tragedy here is that no law enforcement agency seems to give a shit!
> With that said, she is pursuing every legal avenue, including the FBI.
> So here are the options/questions:
> 1) Does anyone know how to get a Name from an address?
> Which is...
> 3355 McDaniel Road
> Apartment 4304
> Deluth GA 30096

The only clue I can provide is that it "Duluth" Ga, not Deluth. I drew
a blank on both, 411 and infospace.

Have you tried working with TRW and the like. The should have a phone
number for the apartment in Duluth, but getting them to cough it up may
be another manner.


David Crook
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