FoRK Crimebusters

John Boyer (
Wed, 06 May 1998 21:07:09 -0500

Hey gang,
On a serious note now. I humbly ask assistance from the FoRK mass of
knowledge and creative ideas.
Someone is trying stealing my sister's identity. Her financial identity

Janet is an unmarried professional who lives in Memphis. She recently
applied for a few jobs, some in Atlanta. Now she is getting calls from
credit card companies wanting to verify credit information for this and
that new account.

Turns out that somebody in Deluth GA (a suburb of Atlanta) is using her
info to try to get any kind of credit they can. So far they have only been
successful in getting a cell phone. Since she works for GE, and GE's new
Plastics division headquarters is in Deluth GA, we think somebody got her
info from the GE personnel database.

We have the address that the person is using. It's an apartment complex.
Janet called pretending to rent that particular unit and was told that it
was occupied. Later, she called back and told them what was going on. They
got real nervous and refused to cooperate.

The real tragedy here is that no law enforcement agency seems to give a shit!
With that said, she is pursuing every legal avenue, including the FBI.

So here are the options/questions:

1) Does anyone know how to get a Name from an address?
Which is...
3355 McDaniel Road
Apartment 4304
Deluth GA 30096

2) Do you have any suggestions for a sting?
e.g. Sending certified mail to my sisters name that they would sign for
it and thus commit mail fraud/ forgery

3) Deluth is a 4 hour road trip from where I live in north Alabama. We are
considering a stakeout to get a car tag ID. Or we could hire a PI.

4) Gather up some of my redneck friends, drive over and beat em up. ;-)

5) Any other ideas?

I know this is far from the usual FoRK fair, but we would appreciate any help.

I love messing with asshole people like this. About 12 years ago, I tried
to call my friend Joe. Joe had a new number and I dialed it wrong. So I
said, "Is Joe there?". I got the drunken response,"You got the wrong number
Muuuuther Fuuucker."
I was so pissed! I tried again a few times until I figured out the mistaken
number that I had dialed. Then I called the real Joe, and then two more
friends. We split up into shifts, and for about 3 weeks, at semi-random
times of day and night, we called this asshole and just said, "Is Joe
there?". Well, he would go into a screaming rage when we called at 2:22 AM
or 12:45 PM or whenever. Then we used a reverse lookup phone book to get
his real name. One of our friends called him up and posed as a Special
Agent Holden Caulfield with the FCC. Filled him with all kinds of stuff
about federal regulations barring use of foul and abusive language and the
severe penalties involved.
Well, for the next week we called him on schedule and said,"Is Joe there?".
"No, I'm sorry, you must have the wrong number".

True Story, I swear.