Tricks for Writing HTML

Sigh... I'm never going to get around to that list editor/table editor/maths unit/etc....

So, forthwith, some cruel tricks for living with HTML in eText.

Lists, Menus, & Definitions.

Here's a cut-n-paste tip on generating lists-type data. These also have properly-initialized default values for the other output languages (LaTeX, ASCII).

And here are the begin...end pairs for numeric list types:

  1. Numeric lists (note that the LI tag just has a different caption)

And here are the begin...end pairs for definition lists:

(note that this requires a delimiter for the word)

The medium-term hack is to define a new pre-built eTLiteral for each of those tags, as with HTML/ISINDEX.

Cut-n-paste HTML Tags:

1. Tom Austin

2. Ben Cox



ALT tags

Whatever text is in the "Caption" field of the Image Inspector will go in the "ALT" tag of the generated IMG.


Anywhere you see a graphical icon, you can have text instead. Just choose "Image Inspector", "Change Image", and "Use Caption" and the caption text will appear in the button. Use "Revert to graphic" to go back to the previous icon.

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