Addendum to Recommendation Packet

Numbers My GRE scores from last October were not what I expected. I am retaking the Computer Science subject test 12/10, though it will ikely be too late for most applications. I am also planning on retaking the computer-based GRE general test.

Verbal: 640/88% This should be far higher. Past experience and practice suggests it.

Math: 750/89% Less than 800 is an affront to Caltech.

Quant: 740/94% OK, but not spectacular.

CS: 810/95% Ouch! Respectable, but...

I always planned on a Caltech GPA of 3.8. Rounding errors and AMa95 have dragged it down to meager 3.6 as of right now; it should be 3.7 after this term, but if the MS program is granted, the undergraduate GPA will fall back down.

Requests I want to explicitly state that none of you should feel obligated to fill any of these out. If you think I shouldn't apply to the NDSEG, or a particular university, please let me know, and I will consider you r advice. Or don't tell me -- I have tried to respect your privacy by waiving my inspection rights wherever possible.

Essays I failed to make this clear in the essay, but the oSpace theory is only an intellectual exercise -- it's an example of my creativity, not a dogmatic research proposal.

Strategy The absolute bottom line is that I've been screwed over by my Caltech education (but I'm far better for it!). Namely, I have been exposed to wide range of sciences & I have done an incredible amount of real-world research, but my GPA, numbers, and ``academic honors'' (and published papers) are nearly nonexistent -- yet my ambition and vision has only increased (of the 9 CS departments ranked above Caltech, I'm applying to 7).

Every day of my life, I have known that I would someday be a Dr. Khare; not out of arrogance, but because that is the one true thing in my soul. I want to be a first-rate scientist, but it looks like a long way from here to there, longer than ever before.

Thanks I realize that I am asking you to fill out as many as a dozen separate recommendations; the very least I can offer you is my sincere thanks to each of you for your time and attention.

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