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Wed, 19 Mar 1997 20:02:32 -0800

Well, I was partly assuming the conclusion, as both Wired
<> and the ACLU
press conference (which I listened to with RealAudio) were quite
optimistic. But, moreover, I feel that the whole process, however it
works out, shows the incredible wisdom in our system of checks and

Maybe I should set my standards more highly, but when I look at chaos
in Albania or the coming dissolution of Zaire, I find it pretty darn
amazing that we can settle our disagreements in the US by arguing
their merits.

- dan

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Someone named Dan Kohn at 6:25 PM -0800 on 3/19/97, came up with


* More important, reading the transcript inspired me in how lucky we
* to live in an open, civil society.

Well that waits to be seen, doesn't it?



Anyway, that's just my opinion, meant to confuse and disorient...

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