More on Aglets (was Re: HTTP vs IIOP)

Mark Baker (
Tue, 18 Mar 1997 22:02:10 -0500

At 03:02 PM 18/3/97 PST, I Find Karma wrote:
>Now we have to deal with all these bean
>STALKERS... (I figured a bad pun oughta wipe out half of the FoRK


>> They've been ahead of 1.1 for almost a year. They had their own
>> serialization mechanism before Javasoft.
>Which unfortunately means they are currently incompatible with Java's
>serialization. Now they'll have to destroy the village in order to save

Oh no, nothing like that. They've been using the sacred capital-S
Javasoft Serialization since at least Alpha3. I never personally
used their homegrown version, only heard about it.

>Interesting. I thought Sun was through mucking with the JVM, but maybe
>they've only just begun.

That was just conjecture on the part of some people on the list
(well, maybe just me). I have no idea if IBM is petitioning
Javasoft to change it or not.

Definitely worth a couple of hours of play time - maybe more.


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