Ernest N. Prabhakar (
Tue, 18 Mar 1997 14:10:09 -0800 (PST)

Yeah, what he said.

C'mon Adam and Rohit, spill your guts. Why is HTTP the right answer and
IIOP the wrong answer? I know you've been cooking this in the back of your
devious little minds for years, when're you gonna let the rest of us
in on your secret?

The only clue I've ever heard is the distinction between object-based vs. message-based systems.
The basic issue is one of coupling - a synchornous function call vs. a
n asynchornous request. The technology is basically the same, but the
metaphors and communities are largely distinct.

So, are you going to let usknow, or are you saving your logic for some
fabulous paper which will win you wordwide fame, fortune, and beautiful
women (well, maybe not that, Adam already has one:).

-- Ernie P.
(sorry for the telnet typos)