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OZ Interactive and Intel Corporation Preview 3D entertainment
community on the Internet; Techno Music Event to take place at The
Palace in Hollywood and in OZONE, a new 3D entertainment community on
the Internet

Source: Business Wire

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE) via Individual Inc. -- In a special event
titled, Welcome to the Ozone: The Future is Now, virtual reality
specialists OZ Interactive and Intel Corporation will demonstrate a
new interactive medium that is fusing traditional entertainment genres
of the past and the digital technology of the future. The event, to be
held at The Palace in Hollywood on March 13, will offer a first
glimpse of OZ Interactive's OZONE 3D Internet entertainment community,
a place in cyberspace where visitors can experience realistic 3D
worlds and true interaction with other participants.

Welcome to the Ozone: The Future is Now (www.oz.com) will feature some
of the best new electronic techno and house musical groups and DJs
performing live at The Palace in Hollywood and simultaneously in
virtual reality on the World Wide Web. Performers on the real Palace
stage will wear motion capture body suits which will enable a digital
cyberspace character, or avatar, on the Internet to mimic their lip
and body motions. Both the live and virtual event will happen from
9:30 p.m. to 3:30 a.m. (PST). A special invite only VIP press and
entertainment industry preview will take place live at The Palace from
7:30 to 9:30 p.m. (PST).

People from all over the world can listen and participate in the
events in real-time via the Internet by downloading the latest release
of OZ VIRTUAL, the company's multi-user 3D browser for the Internet
(www.oz.com). OZ Virtual has recently been optimized for Intel's new
MMX O media enhancement technology, which enables an even more
lifelike Internet experience. With OZ Virtual, party-goers can create
their own avatars to mingle, flirt, and chat via text and audio, and
dance with each other in a cyberspace resemblance of the actual
Hollywood Palace called the OZ CLUB.

"Welcome to the Ozone is an online prototype for the new electronic
entertainment culture being born right now. With graphic designers,
musicians, programmers and artificial intelligence experts creating
powerful, fun and easy to use 3D Internet technology, OZ is the first
Internet company to achieve a full synergy between the arts and
technology," said Skuli Mogensen, president, OZ Interactive. "Thanks
to the rise of the Internet and increases in computing power and
virtual reality technology, users no longer will be passive
participants in entertainment experiences."

"Today's Intel architecture-based PC is capable of delivering a truly
compelling blend of media types," said Ron Whittier, senior vice
president and general manager, Intel's Content Group. "Welcome to the
Ozone is a prime example of the developing 3D medium which fuses
powerful PC's, virtual reality and diverse entertainment to create an
exciting new form of interactive online experience."

Helping OZ and Intel showcase this evolving form of 3D entertainment
will be some of the hottest techno and house performers and live DJ's
including OZ, the Icelandic techno-group who will release their second
virtual reality enhanced audio CD, "Welcome to the Ozone," at the
Hollywood Palace event; Icelandic vocal diva MOA (Sony Dance Pool),
performing a dance re-mix of "Virtual Affair," a track featured on
OZ's new enhanced CD project; local techno favorites ELECTRIC
SKYCHURCH (Moonshine Records) and UBERZONE (City Of Angels); leading
west coast DJ's Markie Mark of the Wicked Team (SF), DJ Dan (SF), and
DJ John Kelley (Moonshine Records) spinning the best house, deep
house, funky techno and break beats; as well as local underground
dance culturists MOONTRIBE, legendary for their Full Moon Gatherings
in the Mojave Desert, who will create a meditation room set to the
back beat of ambient tunes by Moontribe DJs.

To ensure a powerful webcast of the event, Genuity, Inc.
(www.genuity.net), a Bechtel company, will be wiring the vintage
Hollywood Palace to the Internet using the latest advanced high-speed
wireless technology. To further enhance the Web entertainment
experience, MediaCast, Inc. (www.mediacast.com), specialists in
putting events on the Internet in real-time, will be providing
real-time digital photographs of the event on the OZ Web site.

About OZ Interactive, Inc.:

With over 70 employees, OZ Interactive is a leader in 3D interactive
entertainment on the Web. Established in 1990 in Reykjavik, Iceland,
and currently headquartered in San Francisco, California, OZ has
developed the leading platform for multi-user 3D entertainment on the
Internet--the OZ Virtual browser, the OZ Server and the OZ Toolbox for
high-end 3D applications development.

In addition, OZ's custom content division, OZ Studios, is currently
developing some of the most dynamic and compelling 3D entertainment
sites on the Web.

About Intel Corporation:

Intel, the world's largest chip maker, is also a leading manufacturer
of personal computer, networking and communications products. Through
innovative technologies, Intel is committed to improving the Internet
experience for PC consumers. Additional information is available at
www.intel.com/pressroom .

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