Millicent and Altavista in the Wall St Journal 3/11/97.

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Tue, 11 Mar 97 22:41:47 PST

Ever wonder how an entire currency is created from scratch? You will.

> Digital Equipment Corp. has taken the wraps off Millicent, a software
> system designed to handle very small monetary transactions on the
> Internet, enabling vendors to sell items for 10 cents or less. The
> company is making arrangements with a couple of banks that will serve
> as "scrip brokers" -- dispensing $5 or $10 of Millicent scrip who can
> then use it to purchase inexpensive information such as movie reviews,
> horoscopes, encyclopedia articles, highway traffic reports, stock
> graphs, or a 10-second use of a computer software application, from
> online sellers. Digital is currently seeking content providers to
> participate in a trial program. (Wall Street Journal 11 Mar 97)

You know, Rohit, millicent scrip is compelling, but not nearly so
compelling as kudos. Add that to the list of things we need to write up.

How does DEC get in the Wall Street Journal twice in one day?

> According to AltaVista, which has indexed a total of about 30 million
> Web pages, five million of them haven't changed at all since early
> 1996, and some 424,000 pages haven't been updated since early 1995.
> "People have enough enthusiasm to design the sites once -- but it's
> not clear that they have the resources to update them regularly," says
> Louis Monier, the architect of Digital Equipment's search engine.
> (Wall Street Journal 11 Mar 97)

Dynamic HTML means never having to say "this page left intentionally
unchanged" ??

Come on, I must have 100 Web pages myself that haven't been updated
since early 1995. Am I to believe there are only 424,000 such pages
out there?

I should put the 30 Megabytes of Dobbinmail I've received since 1990
on the Web too. That ought to give Altavista something to chug about.

In unrelated news, and these software names are just coincidences, has
anyone heard of the video games FIST and/or ANGEL EYES? Looking for a

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