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Sat, 8 Mar 1997 09:45:03 -0500 (EST)


Proposed shows for a new cable channel
targeting information systems professionals.

-From the Internet

This Old Mainframe - Host Bob Vila revamps a Univac and shows you how
you can turn an old PC into a functional doorstep or other
decorative object.

Name That Software - Contestants attempt to identify well-known
business programs by looking at the least number of lines of code.

My Three Suns - Neighbors wonder why Steve Douglas keeps three UNIX
based work-stations in a suburban neighborhood.

Wang Can Cook - Chef Charles Wang blends together software in an
incomprehensible manner from companies he's purchased. Studio
guests grudingly pay ever higher prices for his creations.
(TFTD's personal favorite)

Leave it to Spindler - The Spindler tries to earn money by selling
apples but finds he can't sell them for as much as he paid for
them; tries to make it up in volume. Ward, June and the Board of
Directors sigh.

WordPerfect Strangers - Larry decides that using groupware would be a
good way to meet women, but Balki's laser printer explodes ruining
any chances of connectivity.

Mayberry CPU - Andy discovers that his digital clock has more
intelligence than Goober. Aunt Bee debugs Floyd's electronic cash

The Honeymooners - Ralph dreams up a way to hit it rich with a 3-D
word processor, but it turns out to be vaporware. Ed makes
millions creating "Norton's Utilities".

Mr. Rom's Neigborhood - Mr. Rom puts young ones to sleep by reading
selections from various IBM documentation.

Says Me Street - Muppet like forms of Bill Gates, Larry Ellison and
Scott McNealy show children how to work and play together on the
information highway. Large character known as Big BlueBird is a
favorite of the kids although no one really knows why.

***""May your life be filled with cheese and banks."

- Laura Page, Swiss expatriate