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Who Is ReadyCom?

ReadyCom is the world's first company dedicated to the development and
marketing of two-way wireless voice messaging. Founded in 1993 in Chapel Hill,
N.C., ReadyCom has developed, tested and marketed a leading-edge messaging
service called ReadyTalk, which allows users to send and receive messages from
a hand-held wireless handset.

ReadyTalk will be the first of the company's service offerings, which will be
available in the Triangle area of North Carolina in summer, 1997. The company
also will introduce ReadyTalk Plus, which incorporates ReadyTalk technology
into a full-featured portable cellular phone.

ReadyCom is developing alliances with cellular carriers, paging companies and
other wireless distributors to offer the service in late 1997 and 1998.


ReadyCom is the industry expert in wireless voice messaging. We enable
wireless carriers to offer a family of branded services based on our patented
messaging technology. Our mission is to enhance the value of our partners'
networks by providing a unique service to a large market with little
additional investment.


ReadyCom's service offerings are based on its proprietary store-and-forward
voice technology, developed by inventor (and now ReadyCom Chief Technical
Officer) Rich Helferich in 1991. The technology, which marries non-real time
voice mail with cellular's frequency reuse system, makes ReadyCom the only
company to offer two-way messaging over cellular.

The practical advantage of the technology is its ability to send voice
messages to a handset, and store them for playback at the customer's
convenience. Users may then respond to the message -- an inherent advantage
over to-be-built wireless networks. This "near-time" communications loop is
the preferred way to communicate for many people, and enables groups of
workers and families to increase communications and productivity.

The heart of the system is the RVS 2000, an intelligent network routing
system being developed by ReadyCom and Dialogic, the industry leader in
telecommunications. The RVS monitors and routes traffic to appropriate
customer mailboxes, and enables functions such as message reply, broadcast
messaging and cellular calling.

ReadyTalk and ReadyTalk Plus handsets are being manufactured by JRC
International, a respected manufacturer from Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.
ReadyCom seeks to develop additional manufacturing relationships in 1998 and