SoCal FoRK: Distributed Active Object Integration

Jim Whitehead (
Tue, 4 Mar 1997 16:55:22 -0800

Well, I can't figure out if this talk will be good or bad. It sounds good,
but it also sounds like it could be all the latest buzzwords describing a
relatively simple integration of a database front end with CORBA.

Anyway, you're all invited. I'm not going to be in town for this,

- Jim

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>Subject: Colloq.
>Date: Tue, 04 Mar 1997 09:19:37 -0800
>From: Kris Domiccio <kris@binky.ICS.UCI.EDU>
> A Framework for Distributed Active Object Integration
> Niki Pissinou
> Associate Professor
> The Center For Advanced Computer Studies
> The University of Southwester Louisiana
>Traditional solutions to distributed heterogeneous database systems
>mainly focus on resolving the schematic and semantic interoperability
>among local databases to support interoperability. However, such
>approaches are limited in dynamic application domains where changes
>might occur frequently, and where it is impractical to assume that
>the global system, once in space, would remain valid and frozen in
>time. In view of this, the objective of this talk is to identify,
>explore, and provide an approach to model applications as distributed
>active objects. In particular, we characterize the underlying
>foundations of object evolution in a multidatabase context and
>clarify the temporal semantics of active objects. These abstract
>concepts are mapped into a simple multidatabase model representing
>temporal changes, conditions and events. Based on the model, we design
>an architectural framework that incorporates event driven production rules
>to automatically react to anticipated changes of local databases and global
>users, and to dynamically reconfigure the global interfaces. To provide
>a specific context for the approach, an object service using the Common
>Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) specifications provided by the
>Object Management Group (OMG), is designed and implemented.
>Thursday, March 13, 1997
>Refreshments at 10:30
>Talk begins at 11:00
>Computer Science Building, Room 432, UC Irvine
>For more information please contact Dr. Michael Pazzani or
> Kris Domiccio at (714) 824-7403