Intel again

CobraBoy (
Sun, 2 Mar 1997 14:43:13 -0800

Ok, I'm going to say it one more time. Apple WILL be making Intel based
hardware by next MacWorld SF.

note the following....

* Apple Computer is funding the development of MkLinux, a Mach-based
*version of the Linux operating system.
* MkLinux currently runs on the [678]100 (NuBus/PPC 601) series of Power
*Macintosh computers, the 7[256]00,
* 8[25]00, and 9500 series (PCI bus/PPC 604), and most recent Intel-based
*PCs. Apple intends to continue development,
* adding support for Performa's, Powerbooks, and the PowerPC Platform
*(formerly CHRP).

* and most recent Intel-based PCs.

in case anyone doesn't know, MKLinux is based on the Mach MicroKernal 3.0
that is the basis of rap - so - dee. these guys can barely get funding out
of the old Apple. now it seems that MkLinux (in some ways a more advanced
version of Linux than the "*official* Slackware version) is running on



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