Re: The World Serious Problem. [SPOILER]

I Find Karma (
Fri, 28 Feb 97 16:23:29 PST

> Hey, you never told us the answer to the last puzzle, did you?

Ernie, you got it 100% correct. You can be my bookie any day.

Argh, my 3Com stocks are down to 33. What was I *thinking*?
Of COURSE the stock market is irrational, of course any possibly
good news is going to result in a price dip. I should have learned
my lesson when I bought all those Bob Dole shares last year...

-- Adam, whose .sig is presently longer than his .post


7 Habits of Ineffective Executives

The second rate executive...

1. Believes that forming a committee is the same thing
as making a decision.
2. Considers talking to the limo driver to be "getting in
touch with the real world."
3. Thinks that bragging about how much money he or
she makes will increase your respect for him or her.
4. Believes that saying, "It's your decision, but if it were
up to me..." is delegating authority.
5. Thinks that repeatedly reminding you how lucky you
are will make you appreciate your job.
6. Believes that hanging up a sign about employee morale
will improve morale.
7. Sees the logic of repeatedly interrupting your work to
make sure you are working.

-- Dale Dauten, columnist, The Chicago Tribune, 4/24/95