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HotFlash 4.11
for the week of 21 February 1997

Hello and welcome to HotFlash, the weekly newsletter of events and
information for HotWired and WIRED magazine.

Information Wants to Get Paid

When "The Washington Post" took its archive offline, did the resulting
broken links mark a breach of trust - or a fair shot at a working
business model? This week, Brooke Shelby Biggs examines the clash
between journalism's civic duty and the quest for an honest buck. Get
Biggs on media, Garfinkel on technology, Silberman on culture, and
McChesney's HotSeat - in Packet, made possible by Oldsmobile.

Broken links are one thing, but what if your browser's interface simply
vanished, back button and all? Jeffrey Veen reports on Netscape's new
Kiosk mode, which yanks you out of the driver's seat and gives the Web
designer the wheel instead. Plus: User authentication and push media -
this week in Webmonkey, a service station for the wired world.

Maybe a screamingly fast flight over a virtual landscape would restore
your sense of control. As it happens, high-tech research mecca SRI needs
a lead programmer to take its real-world flight simulator to the next
level. We've also found open jobs at Atomic Vision and The Buddy System
- in this week's Dream Jobs, made possible by Dockers Khakis (tm).

Attach rate: A black Magic Marker for business plans that would
otherwise run red. Ned Brainard on what gets cut, in Monday's Flux.

Detachment's important, concurs Dr. Weil, who takes the long view on
vasectomy in this week's Q&A. The good doctor also has answers on mitral
valve prolapse, the creatine craze, genetically engineered food, and his
favorite cookbooks. And for a quick reply, query the Doc Weil Database.

If this drink doesn't inspire you to a flurry of witty banter, at least
it'll soften up your audience. The Algonquin, in Cocktail.

Is push media the next wave of the digital revolution or the death knell
of Web culture? PointCast's Joe Pistritto and Net veteran Julie Petersen
debate, in this week's Brain Tennis.

We find Jon Katz deep in the belly of the media beast this week, as the
"Virtuous Reality" tour takes him places even stranger than his beloved
basement. More rants from the road, in The Netizen.

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Can you kick it? Yes you can! Exercise your right to get down - at the
Beta Lounge.

Net Surf digs deep into its twisted unconscious and comes up with a
psychic bombshell: Clowns are scary. Plus: The pain of rejection, an
excess of debt, the joy of naming, and the wonders of the world.


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