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Wed, 26 Feb 1997 17:24:30 -0800

Jim Whitehead at 3:53 PM -0800 on 2/26/97, came up with this:

* >* 5) What is the compelling reason for the average corporate or home user to
* >* want Rhapsody? They can already do word processing, spreadsheets, email,
* >* and Web access just fine on their WinTel platform. I'm sure Rhapsody is
* >* great for some niche markets, but how will it convince the average user to
* >* switch? Again, I'm not talking engineers who appreciate a fine OS design,
* >* I'm talking about the average user.
* >
* >none. but Apple's installed base isn't the average corporate/home user.
* And the implications of this on their bottom line is?...

the implication on their bottom line is they should quit wasting money on
trying to lure those users and devote their resources to their installed

* Here's my picks for features which could really differentiate Apple from
* competitors, and which the typical end-user really cares about (and which
* I'll bet could be achieved with the millions spent on NeXT):
* 1) Fast boot times. Imagine how fast PowerBooks would fly out the door if
* they were operational in under 5 seconds from cold start?
* 2) Memory protection. Make the Mac really stable, so it doesn't crash
* several times a day.

For these two get a Be. OpenStep Mac is no way no how going to boot in 5

Also what crashes are you talking about? My 8500/200 hardly if ever
crashes. Same with my Quarda 950/50 that it replaced. Maybe two a week,
max. And I run everything from Quicken to Strata, After Effects, PhotoShop,
Netscape etc. Matter of fact I usually download binaries while working in
PhotoShop and Illustrator. Keeps me inspired. So what are you using that is
crashing your Mac's?

* 3) Freedom from upgrades. Rather than upgrade the OS, why not stabilize
* the OS? Keep making minor rev. releases, but don't make a major
* architectural change. The typical computer user doesn't like dealing with
* OS upgrades -- they're stressful, they cost money, and don't result in any
* tangible increase in functionality. Advertising that buying a Mac means
* you don't have to play the Microsoft upgrade game would be very compelling
* to a lot of people.

This is a very good marketing point. NeXTSoftware released 4.+ and
everybody is still using 3.3 because 4.+ really didn't bring anything
really new to the table and actually screwed up a couple of things.

Good point.



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