Cyberdog review

CobraBoy (
Wed, 26 Feb 1997 14:07:59 -0800

So I installed Cyberdog. For those of you that don't have a clue as to
what this is let's call it Ms Works for Internet. E-mail, browser,
telenet, newsreader etc. All is some spiffy Apple engineered UI.

Ok, so it installs without a glitch, it imports my Netscape bookmarks,
and Eudora addresses.

The Web browser is fast. Probably the fastest I've even seen on a Mac.
It doesn't support frames correctly and seems to have some problem with
sloppy code. It is also only HTML 3.0 compatable

The E-Mail is an E-Mail client.

Didn't try telnet

Didn't try the newsreader.

I guess the big deal about this is that you have a yellow note pad on
the left side of your screen that is your selector for your various
apps and bookmarks/addresses etc.

I got 1 beautiful crash and restarted.

Ran out of memory error trying to go to

Quit, checked my system memory. It seems OpenDoc (required for
Cyberdog) took up ...

<bigger><bigger><bigger> 10 FUCKIN' MEGS OF

excuse me? ten megs of system ram? my system is now 21 megs big?

I'm sorry.

So ended the CyberDog/OpenDoc experiment. The question that I had to
wonder is why Apple is funding this still. It does nothing that isn't
already there, and brings nothing new to the table. Obvious why they
are in the shape they're in.



I know that, you know that, it's Apple that doesn't know that.

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