Re: Apple? Oh pleeease!

Rohit Khare (
Wed, 26 Feb 1997 17:05:09 -0500 (EST)

> because their boring. one think you have to admit is Apple is never boring.

Once again, Tim has the last, if ungrammatical, word on the issue.

Apple, Steve, and the war for elegant design is simply more EXCITING
than computing. I don't care how many WinTel boxes are out there, I'm
in this game for rivers of blood...

C'mon, do you think when auto mechanics get together, do they talk about
global platform engineering for the Mondeo, or about Lamborghinis?

Most of us here are quite fully aware of Eckhard and the unexciting
legions. Heck, I have a Compaq right next to me -- but that's not your
point, I know. That doesn't change the fact that *Apple* triggered your
ever-so-colorful rant, not colorless compaq. Case closed.

Rohit Khare