Jobs is da man, plus virtual intranet.

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Wed, 26 Feb 97 00:52:13 PST

Care of Educom...

> Steve Jobs, who returned to Apple Computer in December after an
> 11-year hiatus, is rapidly becoming the focal point for the computer
> company's revival strategies, say analysts. "It may not be official,
> but Jobs is the guy," says a market researcher at Dataquest Inc. "He
> will -- either through influence or direct control -- have a say in
> what happens to this company."

The position of power he craves: getting to decide who gets to live and
who gets to die.

> Meanwhile, a number of top Apple executives have left over the past
> couple of months, and several Next executives have assumed key posts
> -- Avie Tevanian now runs Apple's software unit while Jon Rubinstein
> manages the hardware unit. "When you are running hardware and
> software -- that doesn't leave much left over," says an analyst with
> Wasserstein Perella Securities. (St. Petersburg Times 24 Feb 97)

Geez, thanks for not giving us that hot Pixar stock tip, Rohit.

Hmmm. What's at Apple that isn't hardware or software?
I guess there's Newton. That doesn't have much hardware in it. :)
Or Cocoa. That doesn't have much of anything. Apple Data Detectors.
V-Twin Information Access Toolkit. HotSace Meta Content Format.
OpenDoc. QuickDraw 3D. QuickTime Conferencing. Cyberdog.
Hmmm. I guess all of those have hardware and/or software in them.

So I suppose it's really true: Apple == NeXT.

Well, in an unrelated newstory...

> A virtual intranet created by Netscape for a fictitious company allows
> visitors to see the kinds of things an intranet can do and then choose
> to accept a free download of the Netscape AppFoundry applications used
> to create the intranet. (Financial Times 24 Feb 97)
> <>

I've tried getting this to work two times and neither time could it
actually do anything. Very unimpressive.


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