RE: KUCI TOP 30 2/24/97

Rohit Khare (
Tue, 25 Feb 1997 10:45:21 -0500 (EST)

to be sure, I'm responsible -- I encouraged Jim to post these. Not that
I've heard of any of these bands either, but just on the general principle
that absurdity is good -- somewhat intentionally, I want to preserve some
funkiness that's endangered in the SIGification of the Net. I don't want
FoRK to be just an info resource like drudge or dreamscape. It's why we
keep Tim Byars around :-)

Seriously, I've heard the impulse often that FoRK should be hard bits -- I
try to set a certain example in that direction -- but it's also a wee bit
of a coffeehouse. And of course, the fundamental assumption I make is that
'reading is cheap, deleting is cheaper'. So while this may be inconvenient
in some cases, it seems within the bounds.

I would be disappointed if FoRK turned into a pure geek-info list, like its
bastard child FoRR ;-) Being geek is about being absurd!

That said, this issue is open to debate, pubically or wih Jim personally.
Or we could create FoRK-noKUCI ...



[RK: From an anonymized admirer]

Jim, I don't understand why you keep forwarding the KUCI list to FoRK.
At least I feel good that I've finally heard of one the bands (the
Sneaker Pimps), which is a first for me for the KUCI Top 30. However,
if I were interested in seeing it every week, I would just go the Web

I thought that one of the unwritten FoRK rules was to post samples of
cool resources with a link for more info if people want it, rather
than continuing to send new iterations of the same bits. Generally, I
really enjoy your submissions, but I don't quite understand why you
keep resending this one.