Re: Tim in Vegas

Robert Harley (
Tue, 25 Feb 1997 11:58:31 +0100 (MET)

>Frenchie jumps up and throws on her dress, she says to me, "you were
>right they do have camera's sit up and pull your shirt down and act
>like nothing is happening."

Mais bien sur qu'ils ont des came'ras! The management won't let you
leave with a girl anyway. Bouncers will make sure they get into their
cars and leave alone :(

One time when in L.V. with Rohit and Adam, I met a Cuban girl called
Alexandra "my boyfriend is in prison for drug-dealing" in one of those
clubs; when leaving I told her I would be walking down the strip and
she could catch up on me if she wanted, not expecting anything to come
of it. A few minutes later a car pulled up in front of me and she
leaned out... we had dinner and a few drinks together (she was
paying!) and at the the end of the night she drove me back to my
hotel. That was that, a pleasant evening, nothing kinky (well apart
from the lap-dance) but much more fun than playing blackjack all night
like some people (huh Adam?)!

Then again the next time we were there we all went to a strip club and it
was as boring as hell :(

-- Rob.